Wednesday, 11 January 2012

free study materials for West Bengal School Service Commission

1.   'One day I wrote her name.........'
      Where does this line occur? Who wrote the name? Whose name did he write and on what?   
2.   'One day I wrote her name.................'
      Where does this line occur? Whose name did the Poet write? How many times did the Poet write the name? What was the effect?                                         
Ans.  The line occurs in‘One day I wrote Her Name’ written by Edmund Spenser. The poet wrote the name of his lady love on the strand of the sea-shore. He wrote her name twice on the sea-beach. But as ill-luck would have it, the tide came and swept away the name which he wanted to immortalize. The poet’s desire to eternalize his lady’s name was mocked at by the surge of waves.

3.   'Vayne man, sayd she..................'
      Where does this line occur? Who said this? Who was the vain man? Why was he the vain man?
Ans.  The line occurs in‘One day I wrote Her Name’ written by Edmund Spenser. The lady-love of the poet uttered the words. The poet was the vain man. He exhibited his over-riding vanity in his attempt at making the name of his lady-love eternal on this mortal earth. He was a fool who made vain efforts. The mistress knew about the futility of human existence. The Lover’s utter idiocy about it makes his lady-love characterise him as ‘Vain’.
4.   How will the poet immortalise his lady love?                                                                               
Ans.  ‘But you shall live by fame’the poet ultimately arrives at the idea-Inspite of his sound knowledge of the futility of material things, the poet made vain attempts to immortalize the name of his lady-love upon the sandy beach. Being severely castigated  by his lady love, the poet realised his folly. But, still, he would not allow her to be subjected to decay or destruction. He thought that his verse, celebrating his love shall immortalise the rare virtues of his beloved who will live eternally through ages together in the minds of the millions. His robust belief in the authenticity and the power of his verse made such an impression as this upon him.

5.   What is the vain attempt of the poet in 'One day I wrote her name'.                                         
Ans.  The poet wants to reject the idea of transitoriness of human existence on earth in his vaingloriousness and tries to translate his dream of immortalizing his lady love into a reality by writing her name on the strand of the sea. Inspite of the fury of the waves that erase the letters curved on the sand, the poet attempts a second time to materialise his hope-though he proves a failure against the scourge of Nature. This is the ‘vain attempt’ referred to here.

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