Monday, 12 December 2011

Grammar Quizz 2

1. She -------------------- the railway station before the train came.
a) had reached
b) has reached
c) reached
d) was reached

2. His uncle does not --------------------- here.
a) live
b) lives
c) living
d) lived

3. Peter ------------------------- editing this magazine for twenty five years by next January.
a) will be
b) will have been
c) is
d) would be

4. Peter --------------------- two wickets before rain interrupted play.
a) took
b) has taken
c) had taken
d) had took

5. I ----------------------- him twice before he left for New York.
a) saw
b) have seen
c) had seen
d) seen

6. Edison ---------------------------- newspapers before he became a famous inventor.
a) sold
b) had sold
c) was selling
d) had been selling

7. In my youth I ------------------------- exercise every day.
a) had taken
b) took
c) was taking
d) had been taking

8. She --------------------- for Delhi this evening.
a) is leaving
b) was leaving
c) have been leaving
d) had left

9. Heat ---------------------- bodies.
a) expanded
b) would expand
c) expands
d) is expanding

10. We --------------------------- living here since 1990.
a) were
b) are
c) have been
d) had been

11. We ------------------------- here for ten years now.
a) lived
b) have lived
c) had lived
d) were living

12. Did you ------------------- him?
a) seen
b) see
c) saw
d) were seeing

13. Nobody will ever ----------------------- what happened to her.
a) know
b) knew
c) had known
d) be knowing

14. I could ----------------------- her if I wanted to.
a) have married
b) marry
c) married
d) be marrying

15. Does she ---------------------- what she is doing?
a) knows
b) know
c) knew
d) had known


1. had reached
2. live
3. will have been
4. had taken
5. had seen
6. sold (= used to sell)
7. took (= used to take)
8. is leaving
9. expands
10. have been
11. have lived
12. see
13. know
14. have married
15. know

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