Thursday, 8 September 2011

Character of Tom Sawyer in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer is one of the most famous characters ever created in American fiction. "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain is a fun story that starts off with Tom playing hookie from school and getting in trouble for it with his Aunt Polley.
Aunt Polley decides to make Tom white wash the fence on Saturday as his punishment. Tom tries everything to get out of doing such a horrible job on a day when he should be playing and having fun.
He finally comes up with the idea to pretend whitewashing is fun when one of his friends comes along. He tells his friend that he is having so much fun and pretty his soon, his friend wants to give it a try. Tom reluctantly hands over the brush, but not before negotiating a fresh apple in return. Pretty soon, more of Toms friends come by and they want to get in on the fun, so they give Tom some sort of valuable item to take a turn. Tom ends up cleverly getting his fence white washed without lifting a finger.
When a new girl moves to town named Becky Thatcher, Tom is really taken by her. When he gets in trouble the next day at school, he is forced to sit in the girl's section and, as luck would have it he gets to sit right next to the new girl, Becky Thatcher. They hit it off immediately and declare their feelings for one another.
Then, Tom meets Huckelberry Finn, the envy of all school boys, because Huck never has to go to school. His father is the town drunk and never pays any mind to Huck, so Huck is free to do whatever he wants to all day long. Huck and Tom decide they are going to meet late at night and go bury a cat in the cemetery.
When they meet at the cemetery that night, the run into trouble. They witness a murder in the cemetery. Injun Joe, Muff Potter and Dr. Robinson are in the process of digging up a corpse in the cemetery. Suddenly, the men start arguing and Injun Joe kills the doctor and knocks Muff unconcious. Injun Joe places the murder weapon next to Muff and the next day points Muff out as the murderer to the rest of the town.
Huck and Tom are scared that they might get found out by Injun Joe. But, when it is determined by the court that Muff Potter will hang for his murder, Tom can' stand by and watch it happen so he tells everyone that he witnessed Injun Joe kill the doctor.
Injun Joe escapes out the window and isn't seen again until Huck and Tom accidently stumble upon him and another man digging up some treasure in a cave. They also hear Injun Joe talking about getting revenge and they think he means against them.
Huck decides to follow and watch Injun Joe to see if he can discover where the hideout is in which Injun Joe is going to keep his buried treasure. Huck overhears a plan for Injun Joe to kill the Widow Douglass, so he warns the proper people. Injun Joe gets run off before he can do any harm.
Becky and Tom have gone on a picnic for her birthday with some other kids. All the kids went exploring in a cave, but Tom and Becky got lost in the cave. Once discovered missing, the townfolk go searching for them. They find them in the nick of time, just before they were going to die from starvation.
Everything ends happily ever after, when Injun Joe is found dead in a cave and the two boys find $12,000 in gold coins. The money gets invested for the boys and they are basically rich.

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