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Pretty Bubbles of Divine Thought by Sudhir Chandra Jana

Heavenly Father       
O Father Supreme!
Make my mortal eye sight
Divine the ‘Vision of visions’.
To behold thy supreme power of Yoga
As thou bestowed on Thy friend disciple
Arjuna before the war kurukshetra.

O Master, O Lord of Yogis!
Then let me see and enjoy thy
Magnitude of multifarious presence marvelous.
Let me behold thy infinite forms
That shine and shine in every directions of space unending.
Let me feel Thy Omnipotent and all pervading presence,
Adorned with Celestial robes countless.
Let me touch Thy garland.
Wafting fragrance every where.

O Father Divine !
Thou art God of gods.
Bless me to rest within they infinite Form
Let me behold Thy entire universe
With all its diversified manifestations.

O Father, Mother, Friend and Philosopher!
Thou art my soul Charioteer,
Bless me, Guide me in every walk of my life
I do bow at Thy holy Lotus feet.
I love Thee, I adore Thee.

Divine Mother

O Mother Divine !
I am born and brought up
In Thy soft-lovely lap of Love.
I do bow at Thy Rosy Lotus Feet.
I am Thy Child naughty-
Please reveal Thyself in me.
And bless me Mother, bless me.

O Mother Eternal !
Thou art the Mother of mothers.
Thou art the Ocean of milk.
Let me play on Thy breast again
To taste Thy nector of bliss.
I crave for Thee.
Please come to me O come to me.

O Mother Divine!
Thou art Om Durga, destroyer of demons.
Thou art Om Kali, calculator of Eternity.
Thou art Om Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune.
Thou art Om Saraswati, Goddes of Learning
I Love and adore Thee
Please Come to me, O come to me.

O Mother of mothers !
Thou art the Mercy of the Moon
Thou art the Wisdom of the Sun
Thou art the Peace and Silence of the Earth.
Thou art the Magnet of Beauty,
Thou art the Glory of the Sky.
I love and praise Thee.

O The Mother of Infinite Beauty!
Thou art the Mother of Cosmic Nature.
Thou art the Mother of all Vibrations.
I Love Thee, I Adore Thee.
O Mother, Come to me o come to me.
And Stand before me smiling.
On the Sencruary of my devotion.
And bless me Mother bless me.
To Cross the desert Lands of ignorance.

A Longing
O Father Divine !
Thy Ocean of Love
Is so great and vast.
But my boat is too tiny
To float on it.
But I fear not  to be engulfed
As Thy Love unbound
Steers the course.
To reach the goal rapid.

The Stream of Love flows from the Eternity Home of the heaven and Over-floods the World full of Illusions in the Form of Sun-rays and Moon beams, wind and rain water. But the Super technology of This creation remains in the hand of Cosmic Intelligence.

A Criticism
No Matter,
What others do.
No matter
What they think
Or What they feel

It’s the matter
What you can
And by far the best
What you are.

High Above the busy town
And above the railway lines
Two sparkling head lights
Are Kissing the station
To uncover the Sun eternal
That Shines and shines ever
In the midst of joy and happiness.
And in the midst of gloom and deapair.

A Crime
To dwell on other’s faults,
To speak ill of them,
Is like a fly
That alights on the open wounds.
And Swells its troubles
And spreads
The Virus of pestilence finally.

The song we sing,
The picture we draw,
The work we do,
Are always the same

The land we walk on,
The air we breath,
The water we drink,
All repeat the same.

Though all may differ
In form and taste,
Yet they remain unchanged.
Upto the last hour of life.

A Criminal
A criminal crack
On the over-bridge
Troubles the travellers
As it starts to increase.
So a mind
When takes the Devil’s way
Good angels fear to tread.

The Earth becomes moody.
As she looks her beloved
Playing hide and seek
With the villain cloud.

Her Beloved comes to Kiss her
But She remains touchy.
She makes Her Beloved
A sure promise.
Until and unless
He dissolves the cloud into rain
She will remain unchanged
And will not uncover her veil.

We, the bottles of water
Sealed with the lids of lead
Are thrown into the
Ocean of ignorance.
As a result we are gropping
In the wilderness of joy and sorrow.

To day or tomorrow
Until and unless
We remove them out
With the mild stroke of
Constant prayer and meditation.
The flood of light eternal
Will never flow
Crossing the banks
Of the limited mortal body.

Here lies the mystery
And there’s the romance of purity
Throbbing with truth and beauty
That endows us our real identity.

Will we remain Silent?
The World,
That moves round the clock
Is sparking and dazzling
With the head-light on
Projecting the movie
From behind the screen.
The Director Supreme
Is directing with a perpetual smile on.

The auroras of light
That tinges the sky
And colours all under
And the sound current
That Throb in every heart
Are all coming from
The boundless source of Eternity.

The bees
That hum and hum
Around the aroma of flowers,
The buds blooming
That greet the rising Sun,
The birds,
That sing and sing
In their leafy bowers,
The Streams
That Slip and slide from the
Mountain Caves
And flows through
The Zig-Zag course
To meet the Seas unbound
Are all heralding
The greatness of the Ominpresent.

Then why Should we
Remain silent
Without praising Him
Who become many from one?

Parents Supreme
When you walk through the rock
You stumble.
When you pass through thorns
You bleed.
When you touch fire flaming
You feel warm burning.
When you touch water extremely cool,
You feel cold Shivering.
But when you go hand in hand
With the evil company
You go astray.

But when you touch a holy feet
You become holy.
When you touch flower smiling
Divine Mother Smiles with you.
When you love a child
And play with him/her
Heavenly Father blesses you.
But when you kiss the Lotus feet
Of your parents with utmost devotion
You transform yourself
Into the world of divine blessing unending.

Deluge of Love
The sparkling atoms
Of thousand souls
That lie
Under the veil of
Cosmic delusion
May turn into
Sun millions
And bring
The deluge of love and joy
When they are nursed properly.

Healing Touch
A Small plot of land
Teeming with green Vegetation
Gets loving care of
Light, air and water.
But a child
Who suffers from pain and hunger
Requires only the healing touch
Of its near and dear ones,
Specially of its mother loving
And other elders.
Thus a child grows up day by day
With loving care of its elders
And becomes a loving stick
Of love eternal.
To heal the world  aching
In future.

Epics of Ruin
A drop of rain from the heaven
Awakens the thirsty land
And makes it fertile one.

A ray of light from the Sun
Spreads the warmth of love Eternal
And makes the earth under
Teeming with green Vegetation.

When a mother smiles
Thousands of suns appear Gloom
But thousands of blessings seem nothing
When a mother keeps her hand on head.

But a drop of tear of a mother Heavy heart
That rolls down her cheek
And floods her milky breast
Creates the epics of ruin.

Divinity Of  Love
The moon that walks down
The dark sleepy night,
The sun that travels
The rain-bow sky,
The cloud that invades
The dreamy lands,
The rain that floods
The wavy green,
Are all the luminaries
Of  Divine Love.

Love that Springs from heart
And ties the heaven and earth,
Love that melts the ice of thought
And breaks the silence of stone,
Love that plays hide and seek
And builds the epitaph of light.
Love that wipes the ocean of sorrow
And rocks and stops the howling Cries
Is the first and last
And the migtiest of all.

Flower that feasts the eyes
And greets both great and small
Is the sweetest of all.

Song that brings the rain of consolation
And sooths the Summer heart,
Is the finest of all.

But a Child
The spontenous Spring of
Laugh, joy and happiness
And that brings
Skyful of laughter and blessings
And that swims across.
The sea of parents, breast
Is the loveliest of all.

Pain and Pleasure
Apprehension of Loss or pain miserable
Certainly Causes fear fatal.
But the hopes and aspirations
Of inviting days prosperous
Make a man busy and fair.
When the darkness looms large,
And the clouds rumble around,
And the mighty Ocean threatens,
The love of lightening makes you a lover
And passes away flashing
And dazzling.

When a childing mother
Trembles and suffers in pain,
The new-born babe brings
The news of heaven to her
And makes her happy smiling.
Thus pain and pleasure,
Life and death,
Play together in this dream land
Of the busy world
To continue the process
Of creation and destruction
Spreading the essence of
Love and beauty eternal.

Thou Smile and smile
When a merry Child
Sleeps in its mother’s lovely garden
Of soft sweet chest.
And dreams of its past life,
Thou come to smile a gentle smile
In its red-rosy lips
To fill her mother’s heart
Repeating with joy unbound.

When the sweet buds of flowers
Unfold their soft petals of love
Thou smile and smile
And full the air fragrant.

When a child cries in pain
Of hunger and thirst
And expands its breast
Throbbing to and fro.
And pines for its mother dear
The mother rushes learning
All duties behind,
Thou smile and smile
Making her breast into
A melting current of milking ocean.

What makes you liar?
What makes you liar?
Is it poverty paralyzing,
Or is it name, fame and money,
Or is it ambition soaring,
Or is it destiny,
Or is it character beyond correction,
Or is it unprincipled design,
Or is it love illegal for the fair sin?
No, it is the ignorance of Love
That makes you all liars.

I Laugh and Cry
I cry in pain
When the fairy bubbles
Of my thought divine
Bleed among the thorns of cruelty.

But I laugh and laugh
When the sweet buds of my mind
Open their petals of Love eternal
To embrace the thirsty
Hearts of reality.

The lovely children are the twinkling stars shining ever
Their blooming smile millions will stop never.
The rain-bow tears of their cry
For their mothers beloved
Melts the clouds into the rain of love
That over-flood the sorry hearts,
They are the best lovers of the nature
Where they build and rebuild rooms,
For playing hide and seek near.
They can fly and sing with the birds.
They can dance with the fountains.
They can swim across the rivers flowing.
They can play on flutes with the wind.
They can make all mad in joy.

Children are the mighty Ocean of energy.
They can walk and walk, run and run
On the sun-baked paths of the world.
They make relationship with the vast sky
And call the sun and the moon
As their maternal uncles.
They make friendship with the trees and plants,
To enjoy fruits and flowers freely.
Mother nature lulls them on her breast,
Full to the brim with the milk of love
They sleep and dream on her bed  of rises
And drink life to the lee

The children are the artists of artists
They are the poets of poets,
They never care for sorrows and sufferings,
They are the naked priests of the nature
They come to this treasure island,
With the epics of joy and happiness,
And sorrows and sufferings in hand
They distribute their joy unending
Among the sorrowing hearts throbbing.

The children are so strange
And so beautiful in nature and character,
They smile now and cries just after,
They make ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘no’ ‘yes’,
To them “Taka is mati, mati is taka’,
They make and think everything easy.
They see everything with their spiritual eyes
And feel every thing with their divine mind
There is no artist or no scientist
To be compared with them.

The children are masters of masters
They are the Philosophers of Philosophers
They can make the grey hear-green.
They can invade the world of
In harmony and terrorism
With their innocent love and simplicity.
Their kingdom is spread every where
From heaven to earth.

The Children are the angel messengers
Of the Heaven.
They come in groups,
To play the drama of life
Full of pain and pleasure
And love and languishment
On the luxury stage of nature
Under the brilliant canopy.
Of the sky hovering overhead.
The can perform miracle
With the touch of their golden tiny hands
They can make narrow winds prosperous
They can turn the desert lands
Into the lands of green vegetation.
Their dress, address and appearance
Open the casket of hidden treasure.
Their devotion to their parents
And their simplicity of conduct
Can never so compared.
They are the antidotes  of the
Worldly diseases
That come from the malignant
Virus of utter greed and selfishness.

Now let us follow the holy, foot prints
Children, the smile milliners
To rebuild our nation again,
Their beauty with never hade
Even in time of breaking the nations.

Look before and after
Never cast pearls
On the barren land of wilderness.
Always try to look before and after
To avoid the charcoal hearts
As they can never reflect
The light of the lamp of the universe.

How many people are there
To hear the harsh music
Of the frogs in the rainy season?
Perhaps none.
None hears
The evil and melancholy cry
Of the crows and owls.

But almost all are fond of hearing
The songs of the nightingale, Cuckoo,
Crickets and linnets.
Never be puffed-up in pride
As pride goeth before destruction.
A flicker-fly lights its lamp tiny.
And thinks to disperse the darkness at night.
But when the moon rises,
It bends down its head in shame.
Try to live correcting defective visions.
This coloured world is so strange.
Always try to move forward.
With the holy name of God and gurus.

Ode to Poverty
The constant companion of my life  mortal
Is my honest poverty.
She is cruelly alone
In the dry horizon of my life.
Yet she is fair and lovely to me.

Never she cares to respond
To the clarion call of pomp and power.
Neither she cries for
For the diamond ring
Of the shadowing riches.
Nor she pines for
Name, fame and money.
Rather she looks for honey
Oozing out of noble hearts divine.

The dew-drops of my poverty morning
Spread the pearls
Of purest light soothing
Pushing the glooms
Of riches behind.

My beloved mother poverty
That flows down the hilly tracks
Of pains and injuries
Blossoms the tree of hopes and
Even in the rocky soil
Of forbidden lands.

Poverty, the secret of creation
And the holy message of life
Brings the auroras of light
In the deepest gloom of life-
And makes my life sublime.

My divine mother Poverty
Thou opens the casket of peace and happiness
I love and adore thee.
Thou art my friend, philosopher and guide.
I will never forget thee.

Irony of fate
Once the dazzling beauty
Of a fairy nymph
Eloped me in her corner breast.
I lost myself
In her dream soaring.
Everything of my life
Began to envelop in her beauty.
But days rolled on
Her thirsty tongue licked my honey.
That I collected at the cost of my life.
She took off her magic gown smiling
And thirst me—
Into the surging sea of ignorance.
Thus the fortress of my mind Philosophy
Crumbled down
On the dusty roads of swelling crowd.
Her magic spell deadened
The wires of my nerve.
I forget every thing,
And failed to repair
My nerve wires.
Thus I lost the truth and miracle
Of my life mortal.

A challenge
The evil tentacles
Of Sex and riches,
That live at a
Shake hand distance,
Cast their magic spell
Upon the horizon of my mind
With their wavy nets
Of rosy dance and smile.
But my mind super
Bids them good-bye
Throwing a challenge
In the battle din of fair activities.

Healing Touch
Never be moved or worried dear
What you want lies in prayer.
He who stands and waits,
Eternal blessings dawn upon him
In a slow and steady motion.
Neither gold nor riches
That one can fetch freely
Will never make him happy
Until and unless he abides by the
Basic law of right behaviour of life.

Nothing will make you happy
Except the supreme spirit
To whom you are idebted
From first to last.

Remember always
Nothing is greater than the spirit
Nothing is wiser than the heart
He is the loveliest of all
Who responds to the country’s call.
But he is the greatest of all
Who thinks and prays for all.

Game never-ending
The red alert of the setting sun
Makes his beloved gloomy.
And the deep depression
In the sea of love eternal
Makes the Nature stormy.
But smiles again  when the beloved
Dazzles again the nature
As love is not a passing shadow.

What is wanted?
From the time immemorial
The Supreme Head above—
Dictates and rules
The state government of Nature under
Without any Campaign
For Casting Votes
For enjoying the dirty games of Politics.

But how ridiculous it is!
The administration on
That rules the human world
Stumbles on the rocky soil
Of Greed, anger, and cruelty
Which bring death and danger
For want of love, sympathy
And harmony.

Sorrow, Sorrow and Sorrow,
Harder and Sharper
Than bleeding arrow,
Yet she alone
Breeds the greetings
Of tomorrow.

Black money
The evil tentacles
Of black money
That tempts thousands
Sooner or later
Will throw all must
Into the dreadful cell
Of surging hell.

Obedience Essential
The magnitude of love
That springs from eternity Spontaneous
Depends solely
Upon the extent of discipline and obedience
From the children of the Almighty
As unity with God is essential.

The electricity
That generates energy of heat
In the furnace
Cools the things in the refrigerator.
So the Cosmic energy
That flows through the medulla
Keeps the blood stream
Healthy and fair
To meet the need of the creator.

Beloved One
I dream of a lovely little girl
Who plays hide and seek with me
Spreading the pearls of the smile around.
Sometimes she steals my heart mother
And makes it dry as summer.
Sometimes she becomes my master
To sharpen my brain Computer.
Sometimes she draws me ahead
Of my ripe-old-age
The age of harvest
To show the movie
Of what is stored for me
Just behind the Sun-set.

I long for her for ever and for ever
To play in the garden of my life
Full of pain and pleasure
Troubles and anxieties ever
That will try me
Till the rest of my life mortal.

Still I crave for my beloved
She has been the nursling
And will be the same
Even after my demise
From this land of the living.

Wonder Awakening
To come and go
And to move left and right
With the burden of thought trons
Over head and ears day in and day out
Is no doubt a wonderful factor of life
In this moving world of getting and spending.

But the day fair or foul
That passes away hurried
From the Calendar of human life
With the rising and setting Sun
Makes the world busy.
But the night,
With the moon and the stars twinkling
Invites the tired travellers
To sleep on her soft lovely lap
Forgetting troubles and anxieties shortly
Is more wonderful than the former.

Time and tide
That passes away hurried
Without any step anywhere
Even looking before and after
Is the most wonderful thing
In the life history of the world living.

Light and Shade
Being born and brought up
In the same fairy land
Of cosmic Vibrations
Light and Shade or Black or white
Never fail to play their daily drama
On the adorned stage of the world
Under the pandal luxury
Of the azure sky,—
Studded with stars and planets.

They two work together, talk together,
Go together and  move together
There is no jealousy, no inharmony
Between them.
They are ever active and ever sympathetic.
They maintain hard and fast rule
Of executing their respective duties.

The light that is sparkling,
The shade that is clouding,
Both of them and conscious
Of their secret beauty.
They make the inner and other worlds
To be individually one.
When one reveals
Other unreveals.
There are no words to express them
This is the mystery
Of light and shade.

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